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How to Apply


From 15th May 2017 until NACTE indicates otherwise, all applications to private health institutes and colleges will be handled by the respective institutes and colleges. They have been provided with Institutional Panels which are linked to the NACTE website and all applications are therofre are monitored by NACTE.

You can apply online or by visiting the institute with your academic certificates.

To apply online, follow these steps:

  1. Download this document on our website: www.msongolainstitute.ac.tz
  2. Fill it out
  3. Scan the filled out form
  4. Scan the O level (and A level) certificates
  5. Pay 20,000 application fee into the Institute’s Bank Account
  6. Scan the Bank pay slip
  7. Scan the latest passport photo

Send the scans (c, d, f and g) to the Email address: msongolainstitute@gmail.com


Registration is necessary for your recognition as bonafide student of the Institute. The following items are needed to complete a registration:

  1. A filled out registration form
  2. Academic certificates (form four and/or form 6 -original and a copy
  3. Four passport size photos
  4. A birth certificate- original and copy
  5. An original copy of a bank pay- slip of fully paid semester fees.

NOTE:  Registration will be completed only if the above documents have been received.