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Visit our Institute at Mbondole, the Institute is located 900 meters from  Mwanzo wa Lami place, along the  Mbande – Mvuti road ( phone 0785 911 971 or 0784 394700)  for further information about the location. The Institute was established in September 2016 and is registered by NACTE with a registration number REG/HAS/178P.

Access to Mbondole village and to the Institute is easy; either via Kilwa road by the Mbangala Rangi Tatu-Chamazi-Mbande- Mvuti- Chanika road or via Nyerere road by either the Banana- Kitunda- Kivule- Msongola route or the Pugu Kajiungeni-Chanika- Mvuti- Mbande- Chamazi- Mbagala Rangi Tatu-route (Figure below). Public transport is more readily available and convenient via the Kilwa road route.


Distances from the City Centre to the Institute using any of the three routes are as follows:

  1. City Centre- Mbagala Rangi Tatu- Mbande- Msongola- Institute- 30 Kilometres
  2. City Centre- Banana-Kitunda- Msongola- Institute- 25 Kilometres
  3. City Centre- Banana- Gongolamboto-Pugu Kajiungeni- Chanika- Mvuti-Institute- 50 Kilometres