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Campus Life

The campus life offers the vibe of a small community set amongst the urban offerings of Dar es Salaam. Our on-campus offerings include catering services, counseling, health care, transport services, places for worship, security and athletic events which make our institution much more than a place to learn – it’s a place to thrive.

Msongola Institute Students Organization (MSOISO) is a student run association that coordinates for their various issues including academic and non academic affairs. Students will elect their leadership that will hold office for 3 years. The focal contact person at the level of management is the Deputy Principal, Academic. MSOISO has a room at the Institute that serves as office for the organization.

The Institute has three hostels that accommodate a total of 168 students. The accommodation charge is 100,000/= per semester for those who wish to stay on campus. Off campus students will arrange for their own accommodation

The Institute offers first aid for care minor illness. The Institute will coordinate with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) during the registration period to ensure students who need health insurance are insured with the Fund. All students are required to have a health insurance.

Students with academic, psycho social, family or other issues are free to contact any member of the institute management for counseling support.

Food is available at the Institute at relatively low prices and is paid for by the student.

The Institute has a number of sporting facilities including football, volley ball, table tennis and some indoor games.

The Institute has a library and computer facilities. Computers will only be used to provide educational information online or through available CD-ROMs.

Commuter buses (daladala) plying between Mbagala Rangi Tatu and Mvuti are plentiful and can be accessed at the main road which is 0.9 km from the Institute.

The Institute does not have a church or mosque on site. However, there are churches for various Christian denominations and mosques for Muslims within the Institute’s neighborhood where students and staff can attend for worship.

The Institute has taken a number of security measures to avert possible crime. The Institute’s buildings are within a gated perimeter wall fence that is fortified atop with an electric fence. Security guards watch the compound continuously. Students are requested to be watchful for any suspicious activity on the compound and to report it immediately to the security guards. The nearest Police Post is 3 kilometers away at Msongola center.

Contact phone numbers in case of security or any emergency are:

  1. Msongola Police Post
  2. Mbande Police Post
  3. Principal
  4. Security

Fire extinguishers are available in all buildings. Fire management drills for all students and staff will be done from time to time.

Shopping for basic goods and electronic financial services (MPESA, TIGOPESA etc) and stationery are located within the compound of the Institute. Physical bank services are found at Mbande (6km) and Chanika (14kms) and Mbagala Rangi Tatu (18 kms).