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Welcome to our Institute!

Greetings from the Principal and Chief Executive Officer!

You have made a good and right choice to want to become a health professional. Optimal health is an important enabler of all human endeavors and without it not much will be accomplished in this world. You would like to become a health-enabler, we are therefore very pleased to welcome you to undertake one of the health courses offered at Msongola Health Training Institute or MHTI in short.

This website will guide you through the types of courses offered by the Institute but also with other information that will make your study and stay enjoyable and memorable. The Institute teaching staff is committed to impart to you the knowledge and skills that will enable you to go out and serve the health clientele with confidence. We aim to provide the best possible environment for classroom teaching and practical training.

The Institute would like to reassure that the information in this website, all about course content, structure, teaching facilities and staffing, are accurate and up-to-date as could be. However, should the student note any shortcomings, they should not hesitate to contact the Principal.

Once again, welcome to Msongola Health Training Institute. We are looking forward to work with you towards fulfillment of your professional dreams.

Dr.  Alex M. Mwita