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How to Apply

  1. Every June, on annual basis, NACTE calls for new admissions to colleges for the coming Academic Year. A new academic year normally commences in October of each year. Prospective students wishing to join our institute can communicate with the Institute in early June or anytime for further guidance.
  2. Students with the qualifications as per NACTE Guide Book can apply for the course they wish to study. There are different ways to complete an application as follows:
  • Filling out the online application form. The form is found  is  on our website. It is user friendly and takes a short time to complete
  • Downloading the application form from our website, filling it out and sending it via Email attachment (msongolainstitute@gmail.com)
  • Downloading the  application form, filling it, taking a picture of it  and sending it to one of the two WhatsApp numbers 0768 782 055 or 0759 021 432
  • Calling the Institute on one of these numbers:  0785 911 971 or 0784 394 700 for assistance on how your application can be completed

After the application is completed, the Institute will contact you by phone or otherwise with regard to the remaining processes including verification of your academic qualifications when you can receive the joining letter.