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Registration of student will deemed complete, after the student has read, understood and signed that they will abide to the following regulations of the Institute

Attending lectures and other training sessions

Attending class is mandatory. Class attendance is part of student’s GPA score. Students will sign an attendance register on class days. Not showing up in class will have a negative impact on the student’s overall GPA score.

Dress code

Both male and female students should were decent clothing; the type that does not unduly expose their bodies.

Institute Uniform

A pair of school uniform will be needed at the minimum

  1. For male clinical officer students (ACO/CO), a pair of white shirts and khaki trousers
  2. For female clinical officer students, a pair of white gown
  3. For male community health students, a pair green shirts and trousers
  4. For female community health students, a pair green gown
  5. Black shoes for all

Destruction, defacement of Institute property

Deliberate damage of property will regarded as serious and punishable offence

Peaceful co-existent

The use of foul language, physical violence against fellow student(s) or member of staff for any reason whatsoever is not allowed and is a sign of bad behavior of the perpetrator. Any dispute can and should be solved by dialogue and not confrontation.

Interference and obstruction of Institute activities

It is not allowed to obstruct lawful activity that is carried out by a student or staff.

  • Theft of Institute property – Theft or pinching of the institute’s property will attract serious repercussion including legal prosecution.

For On- Campus (Hostel) students

  • Time to be in hostels – Students should be in their hostel compound by 8.00pm on weekdays and 10.00pm on weekends
  • Taking care of hostel property
  • Sensible use of electrical appliances
    1. Switch off the lights and other equipment when you go out of the room or when not needed for example lights-on during daytime
    2. The use of the following electric gadgets is allowable- cloth irons, electric jug/kettle, radio, phones, razor
  • Cooking – Students are not allowed to do cooking at hostel premises, irrespective of the source of cooking energy used (gas, charcoal or electricity)
  • Noise – It not allowed to make loud and unbearable noise such as from sound making devices- e.g. radio, phone, music system etc
  • Sleeping out – Students are not allowed to sleep out of the hostel without a written permission from the school administration
  • Cleanliness of hostels – Students will be responsible for keeping their rooms clean and tidy. The cleaner will be only responsible to clean toilets.
  • Entertaining of guests in hostel premises – Guests are not allowed inside the hostel rooms at all times, however, guest may be seen outside the hostel rooms during daytime and after permission is granted by the matron/patron.
  • Staying at hostels during vacations – Students who wish to remain staying at a hostel during vacation should seek permission at least a week before the vacation starts.

Carrying of dangerous weapons

Carrying a dangerous weapon e.g a panga, pistol, etc is serious offence and is prohibited

Disciplinary authority

Disciplinary action will be taken in breach of these basic regulations of the Institute. A Committee made of members from the management and the student’s organization shall sit and deliberate on infringements.


Reprimand, Suspension, Expulsion, Compensation of damaged, or a intervention from state law enforcement organs shall be done according to the seriousness and gravity of the offence.

Rights and privileges

  • Right to worship
  • Choice of accommodation
  • Freedom of association
  • Access to teaching facilities
  • Right to appeal against a disciplinary measure
  • Access to sports and games facilities